How to Economize

Being on a rocky financial situation can place a lot of pressure and tension on you. Sometimes, it can place you in a position when you make hasty decisions that breed expensive consequences. At times like these, you have to channel you focus on the wisest solution that serves the best interest of your finances.

With that said, you may consider loans for people with bad credit as viable solutions for most financial emergencies.

When you take loans for people with bad credit, you must also consider how you can economize it. Since these loans come with expensive interest rates, you need to make the most of them. Consider taking loans for people with bad credit only for emergency and basic needs like medical emergencies, urgent bills, school fees and others.

Additionally, you’ll more value in loans for people with bad credit when you limit the amount to only what you need. You see, taking a larger loan also means paying more in interests and possibly a longer loan term. So if you need a specific amount for an emergency, borrow only that amount and don’t charge more. This is also a good way of keeping your finances orderly and manageable.

Lastly, make sure to pay your loans for people with bad credit promptly. Otherwise, you’ll rake in more late fees on top of your payments. Combine all efforts of taking loans only during an emergency, keeping the loan amount reasonable and practical and paying the loans off promptly. These are the best ways to economize your loans and derive the most benefits from them.

Spend Right, Save Money

5 Simple Steps to Saving More Lincoln

Despite my popular belief, money in the United States does not grow on trees. It wasn’t until I didn’t have any money that I realized this. Thoughtless spending occurs often when abundant money and credit are available. As a college student, I relied heavily on my student loans to pay for late night McDonald’s runs and weekly movie rentals. Many use their credit cards in a similar manner. It wasn’t until my loans ran dry that I was forced to live economically frugal. However, it is because of this I learned more about how much money I waste on society-driven luxuries and conveniences. In fact, your life can be just as enjoyable, with a few minor changes, while your bank account remains full and your wallet thick.

At first, these suggestions will seem difficult, a far cry from the lifestyle you are used to. However, these minor sacrifices will soon become your way of life, and with the money saved your efforts will be worthwhile. It is important to understand that you will not be saving large chunks of money, but rather a few dollars here, and a few dollars there. In the end you will surprise yourself at your accomplishments and the total sum of your savings. For those of you who are smarter than me and have been taking these steps already, way to go!

  1. We largely pay for conveniences. A five dollar hamburger meal from McDonald’s for dinner is quite expensive when compared to what you’re getting for the cost. For ten dollars, all the necessary components can be bought from your local grocery store. You could make far more hamburgers, enough to satisfy more mouths, or one mouth for multiple days. Similarly, while having pizza delivered to home is quite convenient, it would be less expensive to buy a DiGiorno frozen pizza on the way home from work. If you’re not too picky on quality, I even found 98 cent frozen pizzas at Wal-Mart which were tasty enough to satisfy my craving.
  2. Brand names mean nothing. Often times your local grocery store has its own brand of products, ranging from toiletries to food. These products are far less expensive, and often they taste and feel just as good as any other brand. Take peanut butter for example; it is quite difficult to screw up peanut butter, whether you’re the store brand or Jif. Even products like store-brand lotion are good enough to satisfy. So unless you’re 100% sold that Smucker’s has the best jam, perhaps give the store brand a try and save a few quarters.
  3. Coupons are printed for a reason. Sometimes it is a drag to go through the newspapers and read the circulars for special store deals. However, I find that comparing and contrasting weekly helps save money. Perhaps one week, Store A has a sale on almost everything you need. The next week Store B might have all your necessities at a lower price. The habit of perusing these clippings will prove useful in determining when and where to shop.
  4. Patience, a sale is coming. I found myself craving bratwurst one week. The 4th of July was about a week away. Do I buy the wurst now, or do I wait until the holiday for potential sales? Often times, what you crave is never on sale. However, sometimes, if you wait you just might get lucky. Been wanting that new Hi-Definition TV? If you can wait until a holiday, it will probably drop in price, saving you significant money.
  5. Enjoy movies? Check out your local library for new releases of movies and CDs. While Blockbuster may have all the newest movies, sometimes libraries do too. It is a great way to still have movie night, but allows you to forgo the three dollar rental fee.

In summary, I have learned that eating out at restaurants and fast food, while convenient, are an easy way to burn a hole through your pocket. In a day, 20 dollars or more can easily be spent on three meals. Spent at a grocery store, the money will go much farther. Also deciding what is necessary right away and what can potentially wait for a sale will reduce your urge to continuously shop. Using complimentary resources like a library, or even borrowing movies, books, and music from friends, will reduce your dependency on rentals and bookstores. While many of these suggestions are not new, truly taking the time to follow them will reap an abundance of saved money.

Puritan’s Pride, a Good Way to Save Money on Vitamins

vitamin saveI buy a lot of vitamins and I am very happy with Puritan’s Pride. They give you good prices and they always have sales. You can get Ester C and fish oil and Co Q 10 and anything else you could probably think of. I need a lot of B vitamins and I get them from Puritan’s Pride. So far, so good. I used to buy my vitamins from GNC. But when it was costing me $150 a month I knew I needed a change.

I found out about Puritan’s Pride from a co worker and it has been working out great. I can now afford to buy more in advance and I only spend about $69 for about two month’s supply. They ship fast and the only problem is I’m never sure if it’s the exact same stuff I ordered last month. But so far, I’ve gotten everything I need. I even got some grape seed extract for a couple of bucks.

I think they have credited me a couple of bucks for over payment. And that’s good. I have never been lacking in vitamins now. I even look forward to going through the catalog now. I know its not going to cost too much and the quality is fine.

Overall, it is easy to order. I simply mail in a check in the envelope they provide with my order sheet. You can go to www.puritansale.com for all your ordering needs as well. Or you can pay over the phone. So far, I have been very impressed with the vitamins. They ship them promptly and even tell you in an email about your shipment. The box comes in a few days and is packed nicely and although I don’t really like the packaging peanuts, I know they are important to the packaging.

If you are like me and need a lot of vitamins, you’ll be glad to know that Puritan’s Pride is an American company with offering over 1,400 products. They have multi vitamins, kits, joint soothers and even have a toll free number open 24/7 at 1-800-749-6172.

They have been around for about 45 years and make the vitamins themselves, so there is no middleman. They ship it to you direct, passing up to 70% savings to you. The quality is good with very little hassle and I think I will be dealing with them for a long time. This is one satisfied customer.

How to Save Money Dining Out

Everyone likes to eat out. It can be a really nice alternative to cooking dinner yourself one night. It can also be a really nice way of celebrating a special occasion such as a Birthday, Anniversary or even a Graduation. Unfortunately, restaurant prices these days can be nearly outlandish. Not everyone can afford to dine out. There are, however, many things that can be done in order to ensure that your next dining out experience is affordable.

Catch the local happy hour. Happy hour is a time usually in the late afternoon when different restaurants and food establishments advertise discounted food and meal specials in order to attract people who might be getting off work for the day. Typically, when restaurants advertise happy hours, they also advertise significantly discounted drink prices.

dinner save money

Try to order off the lunch menu. Sometimes, you can save a bundle of cash by ordering food from the lunch menu as opposed to the dinner menu when dining out. You can sometimes find the exact same items on the lunch menu as on the dinner menu for less money. Research the menu very carefully before ordering. You might even try consulting the waiter or waitress to see if there are any discounts they can offer to you.

Consider ordering water instead of a soda. Water is not only the healthiest drink on the planet, but it is also free! Unless you are ordering special bottled water, most restaurants and eating establishments will serve you a nice refreshing glass of iced water with a lemon twist for free. This is one of the easiest ways to save money when dining out. Ordering a regular drink can be expensive and ordering something like alcoholic drink can cost even more. If you are looking to save money when dining out, order a glass of water.

Eat your meal, but skip desert. After most meals, the server will typically come up to your table and offer you a vast array of amazingly delectable desert selections. The only problem is that these amazing treats are usually fairly pricey. Instead of ordering a desert, you can save more money just eating your dinner. If you feel like your sweet tooth is getting to you try going to the grocery store and getting something sweet instead of buying on of the restaurant often overpriced deserts.

Be sure to utilize coupons. If you skim through your local newspaper, you can find a plethora of coupons many of which include coupons for local restaurants and dining establishments. There are even several websites that offer different discounts on dining out. There are many different coupons that offer two for one dining specials and other generous discounts.

Split the bill with your friends. When you dine out with friends, be sure to split the bill equally between everyone. This is the best way to save money if you decide to have a meal with multiple people. If everyone orders different items from the menu, you can even sample one another’s food in order to maximize your dining experience.